2018 Weekend Tournament Schedule


April 8th - Big Hollow Lake
Open Tournament
Check-in: 6:00am
Cancelled due to weather...
To be rescheduled!

May 6th - Big Slough
Club Members only
Big Slough Ramp
Check in: 5:30am

May 26th - Living Lands & Waters - Big Slough
Charity Open Tournament
Big Slough Ramp
Check in: TBD
Club Points issued

July 15th - Clinton
Open Tournament
9th Street Ramp
Check in: 5:15am

August 26th - Dubuque
Club Members only
Schmitt Harbor Ramp
Check in: 5:45

September 30th - Albany Children's Therapy
Rescheduled from Sept 15th

Charity Open Tournament
Albany Ramp
Check in: Opens at 5am
Club Points Issued

September 23rd - Shootout
LeClaire Ramp
Check in: 5:45 - 6:15am
No Club Points Issued

October 13 & 14 - Lansing
Blackhawk Park 2 mi. north of DeSoto Wisconsin.
Check IN: 6:00am - 6:30am
Club Members Only