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Weekend Series Presented By K&K Hardware

The HBC Weekend Series are generally 1-day tournaments held on various weekends throughout the Spring, Summer, and Fall.

These include Charity Tournaments held within our area also.

Bring your "A" game, these guys love to compete!


Tuesday Night Series Presented By Pat From Dahl Ford

Looking to get a little mid-week tournament action in after work? This is your place!

Tuesday night Tournament "TNT" are extremely popular and feature, late afternoon blast offs and fishing until dusk.

This fast-paced format is a great way to get that mid-week fishing fix and enjoy some time with other great anglers.

Thursday Morning Series

If your Thursdays are open and you want to get some angling action, look no further than HBC's Thursday Morning Series!

These are a great group of anglers who enjoy the social side as much as the fishing.
Full day tournaments on select Thursdays throughout the summer.

Lost Grove Series Presented by R&R Sports

As of 2022, Harvester has merged with the Lost Grove League! We are excited to now offer an alternative series that is scored on total length rather than total weight. All scoring is done through "TourneyX", and offsite judges make all scoring decisions. All events are hosted on Lost Grove Lake.

The Harvester "No Points" Series

New for 2022 is a series of experimental events at new bodies of water or unique formats. Our first ice tournament ever! An April Lost Grove event! An early season Tuesday night slug fest on 13! Our first ever event at Big Hollow, and the clubs first singles event in late October. Click the link for more information, these events will qualify anglers for the Harvester Shootout!