We are a go for full tournament action!

Great news about the 2020 tournament season!

Because of the pandemic, our season has not been able to get on the water. We've had a couple of false starts only to be shot down by different issues.
A couple of different times we were thinking that we could get things going by getting permits for just the Iowa side of the river, only to be told by multiple DNR officers from both states that we could not tournament fish in the Illinois half of the river.
Today I was able to get in contact with leadership level DNR authorities. After further research with the legal team, Capt. Eric Manker told me that our tournament participants can fish all legal waters in Illinois as well as Iowa.
Our tournaments must be permitted by Iowa and run from Iowa locations for now. So beginning this Sunday, May 24th in Clinton Iowa (9th Ave ramp) we are starting the season.
We will insist that social distancing will be practised! Safety is always rule number 1 in the club!
Further info on how we will conduct the tournaments will be coming from Tournament directors. Keep an eye on the website and our FB page for this information in the coming days.

PLEASE do not give anyone any reason to complain and shut us down! Make this 1st tournament a good day to show off our club!

Sign up is live right now on the weekend and TNT schedule page of the website.

See you at a tournament, and good luck!

Dave Ripple - President
HBC Officers and Tournament Directors