March 19th New Meeting date

We have 2 meetings left this year before the tournaments start.
This month our meeting is on Tuesday March 19th.

We are trying to work out who is going to direct this year's weekend series. It has been an issue for a few years now about fewer club members being active in meetings and helping with club duties.

To address this I have been floating the idea of a club volunteers tournament at Lost Grove lake. I'm thinking a no money MLF style tournament with gift certificates for everyone who qualifies to fish and a couple bigger prizes thrown in.
Qualifiers would be club officials and members that get sponsors so everyone has the opportunity to participate by helping with the club in some manner.
We will be discussing this plan at the next meeting.
It will be named the Don VanAcker Volunteer's Tournament named for a man who strived to be a volunteer at every opportunity.

Please attend March 19th at the River House in Moline at 7:00 and help make this happen.