Important Meeting Tuesday November 13th

We have our next meeting on Tuesday Nov. 13 at 7pm at the River House in Moline. We do bait drawings and 1 member will get a chance for a reel.

We will discussing these issues…..
1 Weekend tournament schedule and payouts;
2 We need to send for permits
3 Make a payout list
4 Points and throw tournaments for each circuit;
There are no written club guidelines. We need members who fish these circuits to show up for input on these items. 
5 Open club leadership and tournament director positions;
We need directors for all 3 circuits and a club VP. Some have talked about needing a fish committee. We lost 4 great volunteers this year.
A few of us have been doing double duty for a couple years. If no one volunteers, there is a good chance the tournaments will have to be cancelled.


The last 2 meetings have had very poor attendance.
I am going to bring up awarding bonus points that can be used in any circuit for meeting attendance.
If there is a better time or place please let us know. The club is 100% dependent on its members!