Club Update and Upcoming Business

Fellow Harvester Club members,
The officers of the club would like to wish everyone a happy holiday season!

We had our 3rd meeting of the year with 16 members present. Here are some highlights of what has been decided for next year’s season so far;

Membership fees are now $25 single, $35 family, and $5 for high school team members. Dues are preferred to be paid through our website.
The website is also being set up for sponsors fees to be paid on our website. All members are encouraged to seek sponsorships from businesses you patronize to help the club purchase equipment.
Preliminary schedules for weekend and Thursday tournaments have been listed on Facebook and the website. Guy Price and Rod Shultz have agreed to direct the Thursday series. The entry fees have been raised to $70 for 1 day and $100 for 2 day tournaments. Anglers will be required to remain in the pool of the launch site. No locking.
The weekend series does not have directors as of yet. Entry fees are reduced to $80.
Kholby Martin and Tim Himsl have decided to direct the Tuesday series. The schedule is not set yet. Entry fees will remain $50.
It was voted that all series will have a throw out tournament meaning if all tournaments in a series are fished then the worst 1 is thrown out of the points total.

These next couple meetings have some important issues to deal with
January is when new officers are supposed to take over the club duties. I will be continuing as president. Jeff Chistensen is again treasurer, Bill Kennedy is webmaster, and Kholby Martin is taking over as vice president. We have to decide the menu and banquet fees. The banquet is set for Feb 2 at the River House in Moline. Drinks at 6pm and the meal at 7pm.
Bylaws and rules are required to be updated at the January meeting. Bylaws haven’t been reviewed for 10 years and some changes will be necessary. I will have copies of current bylaws at the December 11 meeting for review. Rules will be discussed at the January 8 meeting.

I am attempting to have someone from the Illinois DNR speak to our members and answer questions in February. We again encourage members to take part in the club and attend meetings when possible. We have a great meeting location with excellent food and drinks. We also do bait draws and an opportunity to win a reel. Come help us do this club right and enjoy an evening with fellow members. Next meeting Dec 11 at 7pm at the River House!

Thanks for reading,

Dave Ripple
HBC President