A note from the President

A note from the President (Dave Ripple)

2020 End of season Wrap up!

2020 presented one of the most challenging fishing seasons in the history of HBC! The COVID situation created challenges that no one could have ever anticipated. Many of those challenges were out of our control and the season was close to being cancelled a couple of times.
With that being said, this year has has ended up being an outstanding year for the club. We have managed to increased our membership to well over 200 members! We saw a much better participation in our weekend series and continued to see very good participation for Tuesday and Thursday tournaments.

I would like to congratulate the Angler of the Year winners in each of our circuits! I look forward to celebrating your great season at our Banquet.

This year we redesigned the Classic (aka Shootout) with a new format. In October the Classic featured 26 boats in a 2 day 2 pool tournament! Based on feedback and turnout, I consider the event a huge success!
This all goes to show that the club's fish committee was on the right track to ensuring a strong future for HBC events! Because of the global virus issues, our scheduled events couldn’t start on time, putting us a month behind the original schedule. The directors were faced with canceled permits and closed boat ramps. They had to navigate dealing with state regulations on both sides of the Mississippi and trying to reschedule permits at the few ramps that were still open.
This shows the dedication of these volunteers and their commitment to holding these events every season. Great job guys!
One of the creative ways we dealt with close contact regulations was to implement our online tournament sign up, utilizing payments via the HBC website.
This has been a big hit with the club as it helps with safety regulations and proved to be a very helpful tool to those directing the events. I am proud to say that as far as I know, we have not had anyone contract COVID from an HBC event!
We plan to continue this sign up process for the 2021 season. The club is now in the process of preparing for 2021 season. This annual process is usually done at our monthly meetings with all members encouraged to attend and voice their ideas and concerns. The main issues are:

  • Schedules
  • Banquet
  • Club officers and directors
  • Rule changes
  • Equipment expenditures

With health and safety in mind I have decided to suspend group meetings for now.
The Directors are putting together the 2021 schedule and the fish committee will approve the proposed schedules when available.
As for the banquet we have not come up with a solution just yet. We will let everyone know as the situation progresses.
Rule changes will be discussed mostly by our committee but we encourage all members to reach out to a club officer about any suggested changes for consideration. After January all rules will be set for the year! The club officials have been having group discussions online since Spring to resolve issues and these discussions will continue.
There hasn't been a serious discussion yet on equipment needs.
Club officers are supposed to be elected in December to begin serving on Jan 1st. Anyone wanting to be a fish committee member or one of the officers should contact myself or one of the officers. Currently our main need is a Facebook manager and someone to process tournament results on our laptop. All positions are technically open to everyone, just let us know if you would like to volunteer!

In closing, I need to say this about volunteering for club duties. The 2021 season WILL be my last of 5 years as president. I have been either directing tournaments or President since 2013. It is now time to pass the reins, I have enjoyed my tenure as President and hope that my work has laid a solid foundation for future officers. Volunteers are what make this club successful! Please consider stepping up and helping make HBC even better! Current volunteers will make their contributions and at some point step aside for the next volunteers. This club will not exist without the volunteers! If you wish to see Harvester Bass Club continuing to be successful for years to come, the club is depending on the membership volunteers to keep operating and growing!

Thanks for a great season to all these club officials:

Dave Ripple
Kholby Martin
Pat O'Brien

Seth Eickert
Reece Eickert
Kholby Martin
Tim Himsl
Jay Burggraf

Seth Eickert
Reece Eickert
Kholby Martin
Tim Himsl
Jay Burggraf
Chuck Fiser
Barry Waldron

Bill Kennedy

Facebook Manager
Joe Leppo

Keep an eye on FB and the website for future updates…
Looking forward to a great 2021

Dave Ripple
HBC President